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How to Transform your Company Business Card to Make a Statement to the Clients

The business card is unquestionably the most common of all printed marketing items. Almost everyone carries a business card, whether it’s for their own firm, the company for which they work as a salesman or even a restaurant that wants to provide customers with a quick and easy method to keep their contact information. With […]

Get Ready This Holiday Season with Customized Holiday Cards

Take this opportunity to thank your staff for all of their hard work throughout the year as the holidays approach. The holidays typically offer in them a sense of warmth and anticipation for everyone to finally unwind and spend time with their loved ones. It’s critical to show your employees that you care in order […]

Why Postcards Should Be Added to Your Marketing Mix?

To guarantee that you reach your intended audience in as many ways as possible, the most effective marketing approach generally involves numerous parts. In this digital age, as most marketing is being done through the internet, postcards are still one of the most unique and effective ways to make a statement through your clients. A […]

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Print Marketing Tactics

When we think about marketing, we usually think of what we see on our screens: media platforms postings, television commercials, electronic advertisements, and so on. But what about print advertising? Print items are still quite successful in any marketing approach, even if they are frequently considered to be a conventional marketing strategy. For small and […]

3 Reasons Why JPS is the Go-To Choice for Printing & Marketing Services

Marketing and advertisement is very important for a business to strive. It enables you to deliberately share your products and services with a specific target. It allows you to explain, show, and prove to people how fantastic your company is and how you can assist them. You may also teach individuals about your business, such […]

Are Trade Show Brochures Still Important in Today’s Generation?

As creativity reigned supreme especially in digital marketing, many trade fairs embraced a virtual structure in order to continue assisting businesses in order to have a much greater reach in raising brand exposure. Virtual trade shows, believe it or not, were discovered to efficiently open possibilities and drive leads. Although technology changed the way face-to-face […]

5 Must-Haves For Your Next Trade Show

A trade fair is a great way to meet new people. Don’t squander it by failing to plan ahead of time. Start by making sure your booth is in tip-top shape so that you can leave a lasting impact. Make use of this list as a reference to ensure that you are well prepared! 1. […]

5 Ways Business Cards Can Improve Your Business

When we start or join a new business, business cards are generally the first piece of marketing we print, and with today’s digital printing technology, anybody can receive great business cards without breaking the budget. Of all, a lot of business is done online these days, so do we really need business cards? Yes, it […]


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